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Anxiery diary to fight anxiety for kids

My diary to fight anxiety for kids


This diary for anxious children aged 8 to 13 gives them the keys to better manage their stress.


Rich with many pages of advice, exercises, quotes and introspective quizzes, this guide will accompany anxious children on the path to peace and serenity and addresses the following themes:


  • What is anxiety? How does it express itself?
  • How to analyze the causes of anxiety?
  • How to block negative thoughts by using breathing, visualization, yoga and mindfulness exercises.
  • How to develop positive thoughts and gratitude.
  • How to establish healthy habits and routines to manage stress.
  • How to fight negative thoughts by learning how to respond to them. These negative thoughts are:

- "I can't",

- "I should" or "you should",

- "It's my fault" or "It's his fault",

- "It's not fair",

- Catastrophism,

- Negative exaggeration,

- Believing that you can read minds,

- Believing that you can guess the future,

- All or nothing.


Paperback and hardcover versions of this ebook is available on, and

  • Informations

    100 pages to be printed in color or black and white.

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